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Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak republic
For the implementation of activities within the AllAboutNFT project, we received financial support from the Visegrad Fund.
Event is co-organized and planned in cooperation with Invest Summit - 14th June in HubHub, Bratislava.
General partner and the main organizer of the event is a legal firm Hroncek & Partners.

The main aim of the AllAboutNFT project is to provide the essential know-how and to determine a comprehensive solution for the issuance and sale of NfTs.


Meeting of openminded and NfT-positive people

The main aim of the AllAboutNFT project was to provide the essential know-how and to determine a comprehensive solution for the issuance and sale of NFTs.


Unconventional use of NFT

Creation of new ideas and concepts for closer connection of target groups (those unfamiliar with the crypto-sector) with digital collectibles. Search for new markets, target groups. Expert mentors from the field.



Digitizing the unique object "Korvínova lipa"

We are digitizing the unique object "Korvínova lipa" / "Corvinus linden tree" - a protected natural artifact, a legendary 700-year-old tree from Ľupča Castle, SK.

A unique digitization of an object with an ecological dimension, which shows the NFT market is not just about simple 2D images, photos, gifs, but also 3D objects with added value. Do you want to own this NFT?


The e-book discusses the legal, tax and accounting regulation of NFTs, including the following topics:

  • How to digitize physical objects?
  • Are NFTs considered virtual currencies in terms of tax regulations?
  • What tax regime applies to income from the sale of NFTs?
  • Tax optimization and NFTs
  • How to account for NFT trades?
  • What does it take to create and sell NFTs?
  • Where can the NFTs be sold?
  • What are the legal requirements for creating and trading NFTs?
  • Does financial market regulation apply to NFTs?
  • Is NFT a thing in the legal sense?
  • What to be aware of from a legal point of view while creating an NFT?
  • What to be aware of from a legal point of view while trading with NFTs?
  • NFTs and intellectual property law
  • Regulation on crypto-asset markets and its impact on the NFT area.


Meet people

Viktor Feťko

Viktor Feťko

senior associate, Hronček & Partners

Slavomír Hazucha

Slavomír Hazucha

head of business development, artzenal

Robert Kalmár

Robert Kalmár

tax manager, VGD Slovakia

Jacob Jelen

Jacob Jelen

product innovator and technologist, founder of Donat.Network

JUDr. Jan Zibner, Ph.D.

JUDr. Jan Zibner, Ph.D.

CLO & Co-founder, Artiffine

Ing. David Achberger

Ing. David Achberger

CMO at QORPO Game Studio & Strategic Venture capital advisor

David Iskander

David Iskander

Co-Founder of MetaPlayers


One day. One ideathon. 2-panel discussions.

8:00 - 14:30
Room A

Invest Summit

more information on

14:45 - 16:30
room A


Viktor Feťko (SK), Slavomír Hazucha (SK), Robert Kalmár (SK), Jacob Jelen (CZ), Jan Zibner (CZ), David Achberger (SK), David Iskander (HU)

16:30 - 16:45
Room A

Announcing the results and the winner of the ideathon

16:45 - 17:00
Break room

Coffee break

17:00 - 22:00
Room A

Evening program

FINAS MeetUp, presentations, networking

Room B


Participants' presentation


Welcome speech


Presentation of the project AllAboutNFT

Jakub Dušan Gallo


Presentation of the AllAboutNFT Ideathon assignment


Description of the starting points of the topic and expert input on the topics of the Ideathon

Viktor Feťko, Slavomír Hazucha


Launch of the Ideathon

  • Mapping and preparation of ideas
  • Consultation with mentors

Presentations of the resulting ideas in front of participants


Ending the Ideathon

Referees meeting


Announcement of the winner after the end of the panel discussions part AllAboutNFT


Questions & Answers

NFTs allow you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and track who owns them using the blockchain. NFT stands for "non-fungible token" and can technically contain anything digital, including drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or virtual plots in video games. Each file has its unique code generated, through which it is possible to prove its uniqueness and originality. Through the blockchain, where this code is stored, it is possible to establish the holder of the file and its owner and guarantee its originality. The uniqueness and authenticity of NFTs create new opportunities for artists and content creators to sell their works while providing a lucrative investment opportunity for buyers.

Yes, NFTs are legally protected. In this situation, two different legal areas exist the right to own one copy of the created work (for example, a digitized linden leaf) and the right to duplicate and create pieces that are based on the original.

The legal problems and risks that arise from the set of NFTs are that the legal protection of buyers and investors is currently low. This means that it is difficult to recover the incurred losses in case of theft or dispute over the ownership of NFTs. Due to the many legal risks and issues associated with NFTs, seeking legal advice when buying, selling or even using these digital files is essential. Our experienced lawyers will help you understand the legal environment and advise you on the issues with your NFTs. Contact us via the contact form or at

The ideathon output should be new ideas and ideas of what NFT can do and where NFT can be used everywhere. The purpose of this creative and brainstorming with the creation of ideas and concepts is to connect target groups (those unfamiliar with the crypto-sector) with digital collectables.

We will publish the exact assignment in the coming days.

A direct financial reward for the winning team is not planned. Instead, the winning team will receive a fragment from the digitized Corvinus linden tree, with which they can do whatever they want (e.g. they can sell it and monetize it).

Not. Since the expected output will be the presentation of ideas, this will be more of an ideation. The reason is simple. We want it to be accessible to a broader public of different age groups and areas, regardless of the participants' and teams' previous expertise and experience.

Participation in the ideathon is free, but the number of team places is limited. You can register your team and yourself in two ways - either fill out our contact form, and we will register you, or you can register directly on the registration link.

The absence of publicly available and reliable information is addressed by the publication of an e-book, which a law firm, tax and technology experts create.  Given the lack of similar projects, the project can be compared precisely with initiatives aimed at increasing the financial literacy of target groups. NFTs make it possible to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and track who owns them using the blockchain. The main inspiration of the project is to bring NFT to a new level and bring this area closer to the broader public, i.e. through the information contained in the freely available e-book and in various ways that NFT can represent.

The purpose of digitizing the Corvinus linden tree at Ľupča Castle is to create our case study, on which we will "test" and use our know-how acquired and concentrated in the e-book. At the same time, we will create a case study based on which museum and gallery institutions can be inspired, who will be able to use this form of digitalization, for example, to capture unique objects (from a historical, regional, botanical or architectural point of view).

Fill out the contact form, and we will reply soon.

The project is partially financially supported by Visegrad fund subsidy schemes. We also do a lot of work pro bono. That is also why we opened the possibility of financial support for implementing the project and creating its outputs in exchange for advertising space. If you'd like to support the project, please fill out the contact form, and we'll contact you.

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Organisers / coordinators

General partners

Blockchain Slovakia
Cluster Inovato
For the implementation of activities within the AllAboutNFT project, we
received financial support from the Visegrad Fund.


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