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At the beginning, it is important to choose the right and reliable partner. Choose the right partner for services in the field of public procurement. We provide professional and high-quality services, adhering to the fundamental principles of public procurement.

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Public Procurement

Public procurement is a process with the legal rules and procedures established for awarding contracts, concessions or design contests. The main purpose of public procurement is to ensure transparency and openness of procurement procedures and enable economic operators to offer their services and goods throughout the European Union. This is a strictly formalised process that results in a restriction of freedom of contract of compulsory entities, whether in the direction of the process for selecting the contractor but also in the process of regulating the compliance with the terms and conditions by defining the prerequisites for the conclusion of amendments to the contracts or restrictions upon the termination of contractual relations. We focus on public procurement both for private companies as well as government and public sector. Our clients, whether entities in the position of a public contracting authority or as tenderers, are provided with legal advice in relation to the individual steps in the procurement process, from legal consultancy in drafting tender documents, publication of the announcement notice, to the legal advice at the conclusion of the contract.

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Consulting in the field of public procurement

In the daily practical life of our law firm, we tackle various problems arising from the position of a public contracting authority or persons pursuant to Section 8 of the Public Procurement Act associated with the preparation of procurement documents, evaluation of tenders, tenderers' requests for explanation of the procurement documents. We use this practical and extensive experience covering a broad range of situations also in the provision of legal advice in relation to registering a tenderer for a public procurement process and in the exercise of the tenderer's rights and entitlements in the public procurement process. Our law firm is actively developing collaboration with other partners, allowing us to provide all-inclusive services and consultancy in the field of public procurement.

We also apply this practical and extensive experience covering a wide range of situations in the context of providing legal advice in relation to the applicant's application to the public procurement process and the application of the applicant's rights and claims within the public procurement process. We also provide interested parties and applicants with a complete service for registration in the list of economic entities, as well as the services of an authorized person in the field of registration in the register of public sector partners. We provide our services in cooperation with partners who focus on consulting in the field of obtaining financial support from various grants and EU funds, as well as in the field of public procurement.