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A guarantee of professionalism and quality of the legal services rendered stems from the co-operations of a number of entities operating in the market and the collaboration of the team of lawyers provides a warranty of a strong partnership for the client.

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Security of personal data processing

Personal data protection is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and is one of the fundamental human rights and freedoms. In 2018 the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, which brought about a significant increase in protection of personal data of EU citizens. In Slovakia, the protection of personal data is anchored in the Act No. 18/2018 on the protection of personal data and on amendments to certain acts. The aim of this protection is to protect the rights and freedoms of everyone whose personal data is processed in our territory. If your organisation processes personal data and is established in the European Union, or processes personal data of EU citizens irrespective of where they are established, the GDPR applies to you. Processing of personal data requires attention in the on-line space, too. In providing cybersecurity services we are aware of the inevitable need for us to set the processing of personal data to a higher level of protection against its misuse or damage. In addition to covering the protection of personal data and cybersecurity services, we are ready to provide you with a full scope of advice and specific solutions to ensure data protection in the field of industrial security, which is provided for entrepreneurs who need to obtain an industrial security certificate for the appropriate level of classification in accordance with the Act No. 215/2004 Z.z. on the Protection of Classified Information, as amended, and the Decree of the National Security Office No. 301/2013 Z. z..

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Top privacy s.r.o.

Top privacy s.r.o. as a member of the ADVICE CENTRE consultancy group bringing together experts in the field of law, data protection and security and provides its services in the field of personal data protection and data security in the area of use of non-refundable funds.

In connection with the GDPR, which entered into force in May 2018, experts with many years of experience in the field of technical, building and organisational data security met with the law firm's lawyers who were engaged in legal advice in personal data protection and representation of entities in inspections before the relevant state authorities. This resulted in the creation of Top privacy s.r.o. and its subsidiaries. The area of security has become an important social topic, which was reflected in the adoption of further legislation concerned with the protection of personal and other confidential data, for example, in cyberspace. We actively collaborate with a number of professional partners working in the field of IT security, software systems development and facility and building security, thanks to which we can provide you with a full scope of services and advice, all under one roof. When setting security processes in accordance with applicable laws and standards, we strive to satisfy unique and specific needs of each client. Therefore, our highest priority is an individual approach and high quality of our services. Go to Services

Hronček & Partners, s. r. o.

The law firm Hronček & Partners, s. r. o., as a member of the ADVICE CENTRE consultancy group associating experts in law, data protection and advice in the use of non-refundable funds, provides its services in close cooperation with our team of experts.

Over years of operation, it has acquired extensive experience in the field of personal data protection and security of confidential and sensitive data. Actively provides legal services in assessing the legality of personal data processing and acting on behalf of entities before the relevant state authorities. It also provides advice on setting compliance with current legislation regarding the protection of information and privacy of individuals, including their security in the on-line space. In close cooperation with Top privacy s.r.o. it provides a full scope of legal advice to data subjects and controllers who work in private or public sector.