Expert legal advice that will help you grow progressively

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Expert legal advice that will help you grow progressively

Welcome to our innovative marketplace where the expertise of law firms and technology experts come together to provide you with the highest quality services and solutions in order to deliver premium advisory services.

Our service marketplace makes it quick and easy to get in touch with verified partners. Whether you need legal advice, marketing services or analysis or regulation in fast-changing areas. Our law firm, Hronček & Partners, in collaboration with a community of proven partners, is here for you. Networking with reliable partners and the sharing of quality people and services makes all the difference in the comprehensiveness, quality and flexibility of our services. It is cooperation with the best in their respective fields that will enable you to solve your company's many problems quickly and efficiently.

Hronček & Partners, s. r. o.



Does a new project need to be legally set up? No problem. Thanks to the creative approach of our experienced team, we are able to look at the project comprehensively and from a perspective in order to always find the best solutions and in compliance with the current legislative possibilities.


Ensuring a company's compliance with the current legislation is no longer just a compulsory requirement. It is increasingly becoming a key requirement and a competitive advantage in providing services, selling goods and growing your business.


Relationships and trust are always important in business. By setting up business relationships correctly, you avoid situations that can cause them to break down, thanks to which you save energy, time and money that can subsequently be invested in the further development of your company.


By means of our legal firm's projects we try to respond to the current trends and new opportunities that appear on the market. And it is not only about pursuing innovative approaches in the provision of our legal services.

We focus on unconventional and innovative projects that exceed the borders of our country in terms of content and scope. The common denominator of these projects is quality and cooperation. Thanks to them, we are becoming a recognisable and respectable leader in Slovakia and abroad

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