Financial Law, Tax Law and Customs Law

In the area of financial law we provide comprehensive legal advice to Slovak and foreign entities that render financial services to the Slovak and Czech market such as financial intermediation, provision of consumer credits and other loans. We assist clients in filing applications for authorisations to carry out activities under special regulations – for example, in the procedure for granting the authorisation to provide consumer credits. In our advisory work we are engaged in setting and coordinating the procedures carried out by these entities with respect to the relevant legal rules and legislative changes, in the development of terms and conditions, internal regulations, submissions to the relevant authorities as well as representation before the supervisory authorities (the National Bank of Slovakia, the Czech National Bank, and others).

We are also experienced advisers to companies engaged in digital currencies (crypto currencies).

We focus on the area of tax law, too, giving our clients legal advice on tax regulations and their application. In cooperation with leading tax advisers we have been focused on the issue of taxes, particularly income tax and withholding tax and its application. Also, we assist clients in tax proceedings and in any judicial proceedings before state authorities. In liaison with a partner office of the Accountants Association of Slovakia, we participate regularly in expert conferences in the field.

We have experience with the specific administrative work specific to the customs law. We provide expert consultation and assistance to clients in interference with the rights and legitimate interests of clients in the public procedures at customs authorities, the Financial Directorate, and courts. We draw up legal opinions and analyses, and maintain electronic communications with the tax authority.


Financial Law, Tax Law and Customs Law

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