Hronček & Partners, s. r. o.

Our law firm, "Advokátska kancelária Hronček & Partners, s. r. o." commenced its activities in the area of public procurement in response to the demand for legal advice and services relating to public procurement.

BALTEUS spol. s r.o.

BALTEUS spol. s r.o. is a company providing professional advisory services in the field of obtaining financial support from EU funds as well as other grant programs.

We launched activities in the field of public procurement in response to the demand for services in public procurement and for services associated with the process of public procurement. The services in this area are provided in accordance with applicable law on public procurement, to a variety of clients ranging from public authorities, contracting authorities, to candidates and tenderers. We focus on procurement both for private companies as well as government and public sector. We provide our clients with a full range of services in the field of public procurement, i.e. we ensure the individual acts in the public procurement process (from drafting tender documents, publication of the notice to the conclusion of the contract and sending the result to the Office for Public Procurement or, as applicable, the Publications Office of the European Union). We also provide an extensive range of high quality consulting services in public procurement to candidates and tenderers and contracting authorities, consisting mainly in the provision of expert advice by producing expert opinions and analyses concerning both the procedures in public procurement and the interpretation of the provisions under the current legislation effective in the field of public procurement. We also provide advice and representation of entities involved in a public procurement process before control authorities (the Office for Public Procurement) or in judicial proceedings. In addition, Advokátska kancelária Hronček & Partners, s. r. o. provides highly professional registration service for the public sector partners. For more information on the consultancy services for public sector partners, please see also Our goal is to give our clients the true comfort in the procurement process, which we achieve through an individual and responsible approach to each client.